Trashing Dresses is So Much Fun!

This is my absolute Favourite from the Day! The Reaction is Priceless, and the contrast of the colours on the white wedding dress is Perfect!

Something fun, something different – I got together with some old and new friends, and we had a wonderful time!!  Its amazing how many people were willing to part with old dresses in their closets to see them get trashed!  The 2 wedding dresses are both from divorces, so that was easy, and we had a bridesmaid dress, and a dress that was donated, and the flower girl brought along her own dress. 

It was a beautiful warm, sunny day, and we were right by the waterfall, and after a couple of hours the ladies were thinking that the water looked mighty refreshing.  So, after we got some great shots of ruining the dresses with paint, we headed over to the water so they could cool off!

I have held 2 Trash The Dress Sessions so far, and will definitely be doing more this Spring/Summer/Fall.  Watch for details – you won’t want to miss out on the fun! 

If you have wedding or bridesmaid dresses that you would like to donate, send me an email [email protected].  We would be more than happy to take them off your hands!  Or, if you would like to be a part of the next Trash The Dress Session, let me know!  The more the merrier!  If you would like a private Trash The Dress Session, well, that can be done too!

Getting all Prettied Up..

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